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Aztec offers a wide customizable selection of framed door openings that can be positioned on nearly every frame tent and most pole tents with some additional hardware components. We offer two different door solutions depending on your requirements.

Canopy Door System: 
The system consists of a durable welded steel frame that is powdercoated with a light gray color. The Canopy Door System is available in either single door or double door styles. The actual door panels are built from a highly tensioned fabric frame system that allows you to replace damaged panels easily, and also customize the panels with different fabric colors. Included with each door: Baseplates, door closers, and vertical connectors to connect to nearly any eave member under 10' in height. 

Glass Door System:
The system consists of a durable extruded aluminum frame that is anodized with a clear coating. The Glass Door System is available in either single door or double door styles. The standard doors are supplied with clear tempered glass, however tinted, french style, and even solid aluminum panel doors are available. Panic hardware is available on all of these doors to comply with your code requirements. Included with each door: Baseplates, door closers, and vertical connectors to connect to nearly any eave member under 10' in height


Durable welded steel frame that is powdercoated with a light gray color with replaceable highly tensioned fabric fill panels

Automatic Closer:
Each door has its own adjustable door closer that automatically closes the door once it is opened

Adjustable Base Connection:
With a baseplate system that allows for a wide range of terrain variances, the adjustable bases make the doors operate perfectly even when conditions would make other doors a nightmare

Each door has its own handle on the inside and outside allowing for an ergonomic way to open and close the door

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Glass Options:
Choose standard clear safety glass or tinted safety glass

Panic Hardware:
Options are available to include panic hardware to be compliant with emergency egress and ADA requirements

Soild Panels:
In place of glazing the doors with glass, solid aluminum panels can be used

Connecting Hardware:
Each door set includes hardware to connect to eave members up to 3" x 3" and up to 10' in height




  • Opening Size: Double 72"  x 81"H +3"/-0", Single Double 36"  x 81"H +3"/-0"
  • Options: Double, Single (Left), Single (Right)
  • Configurations: Standard clear vinyl panel top & blockout white panel bottom
  • Framework: Powder Coated steel w/ fabric clad replaceable aluminum frames
  • Flame Retardancy: NFPA 701, CA State Fire Marshal Title 19, CAN ULC S109-03
  • Common Accessories: Anchoring stakes


  • Opening Size: Double 72"W x 84"H, Single Double 36"W x 84"H
  • Options: Double, Single (Left), Single (Right)
  • Configurations: Aluminum frame with clear safety glass
  • Framework: Anodized aluminum
  • Common Accessories: Anchoring stakes, panic hardware, transport box

Frame Tents

Frame Tents feature a skeleton of aluminum framework and steel connectors to support the tent top. Although this style of tent is "free-standing" by design, it still must be anchored to resist wind forces. All styles of frame tents have no poles that come to the ground in the interior space of the tent.

Frame Tents

Pole Tents

Pole tents rely on tension in the membrane to hold the shape of the tent system. These tents are supported by single or multiple centerpoles in the middle of the tent area and a series of sidepoles around the perimeter of the tent area. The tent is tensioned toward the anchoring locations commonly with a rope or ratchet strap.

Pole Tents

Clearspan Structures

Similar to Frame Tents, these types of frame supported structures have no interior posts or columns. The unique attribute that Clearspan Structures hold is their ability to span quite large distances without interior posts and also without external guying. Generally, these structures are built for higher loading applications and larger span sizes.

Clearspan Structures

Compatible Plus

'Compatible-Plus®' products are aesthetically and structurally indistinguishable from their competitive counterparts. However, the new series have been re-engineered, incorporating proprietary improvements to their structural quality and integrity. These options allow the tent industry customers to purchase from the vendor they deem best.

Compatible Plus


Accessories include liners, legs skirts, doors, raingutters, and materials for repair & replacement parts


Specialty Tents

These products are geared for specific applications and are often seen as non-mainstream products. Generally these products are built on an as needed basis and are generally not "on the shelf".

Specialty Tents

Fabric Partition Systems

We offer a wide selection of fabric panel systems designed for various indoor partition applications. These solutions have applications in medical facilities, offices, retail establishments, restaurants, and manufacturing plants.

Fabric Partition Systems





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